Myths & Facts

lets look on what are the Myths & Facts about Generic Medicines

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Myths & Facts about Generic Medicines

Generic Drugs are Patent Expired Drugs so any another company can manufacture it easily. Cost of R&D will not be required so less in price.

Fact : This Claim is false. Anyone who repeats this myth does not understand how FDA reviews & approves Drugs.

Fact : There is no any evidence for this claim. If someone switched to Generic Drugs around the time they are replacing.They may attribute the problem to switch.

Fact : Generic manufacturers are ble to sell their products for low prices, not because products in Lesser Quality but because Generic Manufacturers do not engage in Costly Advertising , Marketing & Promotion or R&D.

Fact : FDA’s actoin demonstrate commitment to safe Generic Drugs.

FDA receives very few reports of adverse events of specific Generic Drugs.They are related to side effects of drug ingredients itself.

FDA actively engaged in making all regulated products including Generic Drugs safer.